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Contributions to
ACES for Bullying Prevention
from Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum

Kidsbridge Brochure, Kidsbridge Flier Front & Back : Learn about Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum Programs, and how these programs fit into school anti-bullying programs. (Brochure to be uploaded on April 12, 2011)

Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum, Lynne Azarchi, Director, is located on the campus of The College of New Jersey. Kidsbridge is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration of human diversity, encouraging students, families and educators to understand and appreciate the strengths and opportunities that are inherent in the diverse, mosaic cultures of our community and our world. Kidsbridge provides programs that create measurable improvements in character education and life skills, including character education, conflict resolution, mediation, anti-bullying, teamwork, and leadership skills. Programs are evidence-based.