In the interest of client confidentiality, I do not publicize the names of schools or districts for which I provide professional development, student assemblies, or consulting services. Therefore, this website does not contain the names of school personnel or other individuals who have offered to provide references for Spectrum Diversity LLC. Information about references is collected and provided on a case-by-case basis, and I ask my references prior to offering their names in response to each request. If you request references, please e-mail or call me with information about which program(s) your school or agency is considering, including which grade levels for professional development or student assembly programs, so that I am able to choose references who can speak to your specific needs.

I am happy to provide references, and I understand that some districts require references. However, I try not to overburden the individuals who provide references for me, so I have made an effort to provide as much information as possible about the programs I offer on this website. I am also always available for extended phone conversations about the content of Spectrum Diversity LLC programs.

All student assembly programs are designed for particular age groups, and each school- or district-based presentation is adjusted to accomodate the particular concerns, needs, and community sensibilities of a given school or district. All information shared with Spectrum Diversity LLC toward the goal of providing a student assembly that is most responsive to the needs and concerns of a particular school or district is kept strictly confidential.

In the future, this website will include video clips of some Spectrum Diversity LLC presentations--once I learn how to embed them and find the spare time to do so!

A list of publicly advertised presentations that I have given for organizations and agencies other than schools can be found on this website; click here for that list.