I am primarily an educator, not a businessperson. My primary goal is to help schools, workplaces, community groups, and social service agencies create environments that are physically, emotionally, and socially safe for all and respectful of diversity. To continue doing this type of education, I have to cover my expenses, but I do my best to keep my fees as low as possible to ensure that Spectrum Diversity LLC services are accessible.

If my fees are nevertheless beyond your budget, please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with me. I am willing to work with any school, district or agency that is sincerely interested in bullying prevention and diversity awareness.

See scheduling suggestions for schools for ways to combine programs for administrators, faculty, professional and non-professional staff, and assemblies for students, to maximize effectiveness and ensure that each segment of the school community receives the most relevant information, while reducing total costs.

Click on a link to find fees for specific types of programs:

Professional Development/Continuing Education Fees and Charges

Student Assemblies

Consulting & Surveys

Community Groups

All fees subject to change.