2013-2014 Student Assembly Fees

Student assembly fees apply to all student assembly topics, regardless of length or topic. "Aim Higher," Spectrum Diversity's most popular student assembly, is 75 minutes long for grades 7-12, and 60 minutes long for grades K-6. Other assemblies are designed for specific school needs and time constraints, but carry identical fees.

First assembly: $450.

Multiple assembly* discounts: $400 for the second assembly, $350 for the third assembly and for each subsequent assembly.

Maximum charge per day for student assemblies, regardless of number of assemblies: $2000

*Note: to qualify for multiple assembly discounts, additional assemblies must be on same topic, given at same location, to similar audience. For example, four high school assemblies given respectively to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students, although presented slightly differently to the different age groups, qualifies for multiple assembly discounts as long as they are at the same location.

All fees subject to change