Media Gallery Entry Page

This page is the portal to media including video clips of student assemblies, professional development workshops, artwork by students participating in bullying prevention activities, and broadcast media appearances by Dr. Rodríguez Rust.

The media accessed through this page are the property of the individuals who created them, some of whom are elementary, middle, and high school students. High school students whose own images appear in their artwork have given permission for the use of these materials by Dr. Rodríguez Rust for the purpose of educating other youth, and have indicated whether they wish to be credited by name when their work is used for this purpose. Those students who were under 18 years old when the artwork was created have also provided parental permission. Please note: This page is under development. Artwork by students might become available on the website before the credits are fully uploaded.

Video clips of workshops and presentations are provided for the use of school personnel who are considering inviting Dr. Rodríguez Rust to provide professonal development workshops or student assemblies. These video clips are not intended to provide professional development in and of themselves, do not constitute professional development, and are not to be downloaded or otherwise distributed, altered, duplicated, saved or archived, or used for any other purpose. Educators may distribute the link to these videos to other educators for the purpose of professional development or student assembly planning.

All rights are reserved.

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