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Spectrum Diversity LLC offers Professional Development training for educators, including faculty, staff, and administrators, and other professionals in the medical, social service, and law enforcement fields.

Professional Development for Educators

Whether or not your school or organization chooses to use Spectrum Diversity LLC professional development or consulting services, it is important to choose programs developed using research-based best practices. Many training and curricular programs are now being marketed as anti-bullying programs; although many of these programs are excellent and can be used as components in a school's comprehensive anti-bullying program, it is important for schools to have criteria to aid in the selection of programs so that oversights do not compromise the safety of students, waste limited resources, or increase legal risks. The following information is available in the professional development section of this website:

1) Professional development training is only one aspect of an effective, comprehensive, anti-bullying program, and the professional development offered your staff should prepare them to participate effectively in a school-wide effort to address bullying. Find out how professional development fits into a school-wide program.

2) It is extremely important to ensure that the PD training provided for your staff is consistent with best practices. Techniques that "make sense" are often misguided; investigate to ensure a quality choice. Review the selection criteria for choosing effective, quality PD for your staff, and the checklist of key topics that should be included in anti-bullying PD training

3) Evaluate potential programs with the full range of bullying behaviors in mind, and be prepared to educate others about the basics of bullying and bullying prevention; see general introduction to facts about bullying ("Bullying 101") and advanced information about responding to bullying in schools ("Bullying 201")

4) Information about Spectrum Diversity workshops, including descriptions of the most commonly requested Spectrum Diversity PD/CE workshops, and detailed outlines of specific workshops in .pdf form:

Please keep in mind that these are examples only; all Spectrum Diversity LLC workshops are modified to fit the needs of a particular school, district, workplace, or organization. See the Spectrum Diversity tri-fold brochure (.pdf)for further information about the full range of Spectrum Diversity workshops and other services.

General Information about Spectrum Diversity LLC Staff Training

Staff training, including professional development training, is essential in the prevention of bullying and bias-related behavior in schools. All Spectrum Diversity PD workshops are consistent with the revised PD Standards for New Jersey Educators, and with NCLB Eight Key Elements of High Quality PD. Workshops are designed to support schools vis-a-vis N.J.A.C. 7 (Equality and Equity), N.J.A.C. 9 (Professional Development), N.J.S.A. 18A:37-13 et seq (anti-bullying law), and the NJ L.A.D. (New Jersey Law Against Discrimination). Dr. Rodríguez Rust is a registered professional development provider with the NJ DOE.*

Faculty training can take the form of general awareness workshops, mandated whole-faculty trainings, professional development workshops, advanced workshops for select motivated faculty, or team development workshops for personnel who will take a leadership role in planning and implementing ongoing anti-bullying and/or anti-bias programming.

Training of professional and non-professional support staff is also important. Professional support staff--counselors, school psychologists--require specialized knowledge to handle aspects of bullying and bias prevention that fall under their purview. Non-professional support staff--including playground aides and lunchroom aides--are often the first adults to witness or receive a report of a bullying or bias problem, because incidents often happen during less structured portions of the school day. Maintenance personnel are likewise among the first to find evidence of a developing problem, for example in the form of graffiti. Staff can participate with faculty in general awareness workshops, or specific workshops can be offered for staff. Specialized workshops are recommended for professional staff, including school counselors.

Effective bullying and bias prevention programs must be backed by administrative personnel, and are most effective if administrators and other school personnel are "on the same page" and "speaking the same language" with regard to the school's bullying and bias efforts. Faculty workshops can be designed to include administrative personnel, or separate meetings can be arranged.

Workshops and presentations offered by Spectrum Diversity, LLC are designed for each school or district, with specific school/district needs and interests in mind. Click on the links above to view examples of professional development workshops for faculty. Please contact Spectrum Diversity, LLC to discuss your school or district needs for professional development workshops or other forms of education or training.

Professionals in Medical, Social Service, and Law Enforcement

Diversity awareness and intercultural competence are becoming increasingly important for all professionals whose work involves contact with clients or the public. Each professional environment is different; contact Spectrum Diversity by e-mail or phone to discuss the needs of your organization or workplace.

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