Classroom Activities and General Classroom Management Resources for Teachers:

Educators' most important tool for creating a school climate that encourages students to trust school personnel to keep them safe at school and discourages bullying: The four-step "drive-by" or "on-the-spot" intervention

Bystander Empowerment Activity: The "Is It A Stereotype?" Class Activity Please note that this activity is proprietary. It was developed by Spectrum Diversity LLC for use as part of the Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum's Youth & Mentors program. Educators are granted permission to use this activity on condition that they contact Spectrum Diversity to notify of planned use and to obtain complete instructions, and that they provide any feedback after using the activity that might be helpful in further developing the curriculum of which these activities are a part.

Reducing Bullying and Bias-Related Bullying through Classroom Management: Organizing classroom activities to increase interaction among students across differences.

Resources arranged by topic of interest, for parents and educators:

Resources on Cyberbullying including safety tips for parents and teens, and educational crossword puzzles for teens and adults.

Resources on General Bullying (note: This page is in development. In the meantime, visit Facts about Bullying for Parents and Educators. )

Resources on Bias-Based Bullying

Resources on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Click on the links below to download resource lists on each topic. The links to many of the websites included on these resource lists can also be found on the Resource Links page:

Bullying Prevention (.pdf)

Cyberbullying (.pdf)

Racial & Ethnic Diversity & Disability Awareness (.pdf)

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Diversity (.pdf)